Platform: Mobile


Developed With: Unity & Vuforia

Finished On: December, 2017

Description: TowAR Defense is an AR TD game that you can play right off your phone. Place towers by hand and combat the monsters that approach! 

Role: Lead Developer/ 3D Artist

TowAR Defense

Platform: PC (Web)


Developed With: JavaScript/HTML & CSS

Finished On: November, 2017

Description: A 2D story-driven game, where you play as a guide to "The Maker”, the entity that created the universe as we know it

The Makers Journey

Platform: PC

From Nerd To Hero


Developed With: Unity, Fungus

Finished On: October, 2017

Description: From Nerd To Hero is a dating sim where you play as an incoming college student, try your best to break out of your chains and enjoy your new life! 

Role: Developer / Narrative Lead

Platform: PC

The Gristmill


Developed With: Unity

Finished On: May, 2019

Description: The Gristmill is a tactical action-based card game, where you battle off waves of unknown creatures as you fight to keep your men alive

Role: 2D Art & Menus

Platform: PC (Web)



Developed With: JavaScript/HTML & CSS

Finished On: May, 2018

Description: Live through the story of Emily Sanchez, as she comes to terms with what she has done and the people that she has impacted

Role: Lead Developer

Platform: PC

Pop N' Drop


Developed With: Unity

Finished On: February, 2019

Description: A fun party game for all ages! Pop N' Drop is fast-paced and easy to play, jump from balloon to balloon and be the last one alive!

Role: Develop/ Input Manager

Platform: PC

Free Fall


Developed With: C++ / OpenGL

Finished On: December, 2017

Description: In FreeFall play as FreeFall Man and dodge objects that flew out of the plane when it was destroyed, just be careful not to get hit

Role: Developer

Platform: Mobile

The Archive


Developed With: Unity / Vuforia

Finished On: In-Progress

Description: The Archive will be an interactive experience where you the player will get to be apart of the story and influence it's outcomes!

Platform: PC

Spheres Must Die!


Developed With: Unity

Finished On: April, 2019

Description: In Spheres Must Die the name of the game is strategy, find the weakness of each boss and take them out as quick as possible!

Role: Designer / Environmental Artist

Platform: PC

Dino King


Developed With: Unity

Finished On: March, 2019

Description: Play as one or two dinosaurs and fight your way up the food chain to challenge and defeat the Dino King!

Role: Modeler / Animator

Platform: PC



Developed With: Unity

Finished On: October, 2016

Description: A small play on the classic steroid style games, take your tank into battle and destroy those asteroids

Platform: PC / Mobile

(Android & I Phone)



Developed With: Unity

Finished On: July, 2019

Description: This app was created to give teen drivers an interactive opportunity, to learn about the dangers of the road and ways they can protect themselves

Role: Lead Developer / Lead Designer



3D Art


Developed With:

Autodesk Maya /

Photoshop /

Substance Painter

Description: I make 3D art for many of the games that I have a hand in making, so come check it out!

Music Library


Developed With:

Magix Music Studio /


Description: Music has always been a passion of mine so come listen to some tracks that I've made!